Project Management and Consultancy

The main purpose of Project Management Services is to utilize and execute construction management tools in accordance with the investors corporate culture, in order to achieve project goals like budget, quality and time.
As an end product of the system summarised above, the investor saves from the profit and overhead of the Contractor, and manages to make his investment only with the fee of an Engineering Organisation.

These services can be provided by means of full-time Consultancy Team as well as via smaller teams that can be adjusted to the size and budget of the project. In addition, consultancy services regarding the site organisation established by the Client have also been provided.

The services provided, so as to contribute project budgets/profitability, include monitoring the contractual rights and responsibilities and claim management.

For achieving project success; the following construction management tools are to be utilized and executed along the life of the project:

  • - Design Management (design review and coordination)
  • - Procurement Management (preparation of tender documentation, tendering, signing of the contracts)
  • - Cost Management (preparing and updating project budget; quantity surveys, periodic and final progress payment certificates)
  • - Time Management (Implementation of a planning system; preparation of detailed schedules, periodical review of targets, update when necessary)
  • - Quality Assurance and Control
  • - Preparation of monthly and final payment certificates
  • - Management information systems and periodical reporting
  • - Monitoring the contractual rights; issuing of claims
  • - Site supervision
  • - Communication and document management
  • - Testing & commissioning, temporary and final acceptances
  • - Dispute resolution consultancy

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